Snapshot of Vermont’s Small Group Market

Apr 02, 2013 by MVP Health Care

There’s a big push to educate Vermonters about their options for health insurance through Vermont Health Connect, a state-run health benefits exchange. Starting in 2014, Vermont Health Connect will be the only insurance marketplace for individuals and small businesses.1 An estimated 118,000 individuals and employees from the small group market will be served by the health benefits exchange in the first year.

Small Business Health Care Trends

As the Department of Vermont Health Access (DVHA) moves forward with health exchange planning, they have connected with stakeholders in the small business community to help understand the needs of small businesses in Vermont. The Vermont Small Business Study for DVHA provides a snapshot of the small group landscape, highlighting the importance of these issues.

Among responding businesses, 22 percent had nine or fewer employees, 23 percent had 10-24 employees, 25 percent had 25-49 employees, and 20 percent had 50-99 employees. Ninety-two percent of these businesses had at least one full-time employee and 67 percent had at least one part-time employee.

The majority (74 percent) of responding businesses offered health insurance to at least some of their employees, with 30 percent offering coverage to all employees and 44 percent offering coverage only to full-time employees. Among those who do not provide coverage for employees, 85 percent said the major reason is that it is too expensive for their business.

Among employers offering coverage:

There’s some skepticism about the costs of health care reform and how it will impact small businesses. For example, new requirements for essential health benefits (10 categories of health care services that must be covered) will provide uniformity and greater coverage, but there are concerns it may increase cost.

Looking even further ahead, the state plans to move to universal health care coverage for all residents under Green Mountain Care in 2017. As this plan continues to unfold, the state and insurers need to continue to innovate and find ways to make health insurance more affordable for small businesses and their employees.

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1Vermont employers with up to 50 employees will be eligible to buy plans through Vermont Health Connect, and this expands to employers with up to 100 employees in 2016.

Source: Task 9 Small Business Study Report, prepared for Vermont Office of Health Access Planning for Vermont’s Health

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